Transformational Workshops

By February 10, 2016The Work That I Do

Workshops are a great way to experience and deepen understanding of transformational processes. By the use of these processes in a group setting participants are able to experience the power of transformation dynamics, and free transformational process within themselves for ongoing healing and personal/spiritual growth. The simplicity and effortlessness of transformation is revealed and powerful dynamics are available for healing and substantial shifts in awareness. These groups are noninvasive, safe, and participants can progress at their own pace.

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In running transformational workshops I integrate my knowledge of transformational systems with circle process. I have completed advanced training in circle process with Kay Pranis whilst in the USA. Kay has considerable experience with circle process and you can read about that by clicking here along with more information about the history of circle, including its indigenous origins, and its applications. Among the many things that impressed me about Kay is her commitment to the simplicity of process, her trust in process to do the work, and her non-ownership of what she teaches.

In my training with Kay in the USA, I quickly identified that circle was working with self-organising systems. Whilst they were using circle in many ways ‘transformational’ circle was not one of them. I discussed this with Kay, and with her support I began to use circle, drawing on my knowledge and experience, for transformational outcomes. I have continued to develop this over time.

In the workshops, I attend to what is required for transformational self-organising processes to operate. This involves boundaries as a container for transformational process, appropriate and safe interactivity between participants, awareness of individual and group process for natural feedback and to inform participants and the group dynamic, alignment of intent for individuals and the group, and accessing the spiritual/consciousness qualities to energise the process.

The most interesting thing for me in working with transformational process in groups is that once the group dynamic and consciousness emerges it activates transformational process within the participants. Once this occurs it empowers the group dynamic for further facilitation of transformational process within the participants, and so on in a symbiotic relationship between the participants and the group dynamic.

Working with transformational process in this way means I am only attending to the process. I do not define outcomes or make value judgements about individuals and their transformational journey. This leaves participants free to explore process in a way that works for them, to determine their own rate of progress, and to recognise the presence of spirit within all things.

The most important outcome I see for participants is that they can take their knowledge of transformational process, and how to work with it, away from the workshop and continue to explore it in their personal life.