Transformational Seminars

By February 20, 2016The Work That I Do

I hold seminars and provide public speaking for people who seek more information about, or are looking for a conceptual entry point into process and transformational understanding. I draw on my knowledge of the following areas: The current scientific/industrialised world view and how it constrains natural self organising and transformational processes; How to release these constraints; The new emerging process world view that offers sustainable solutions for self and community; And how to allow transition into the new and associated transformations of consciousness to effortlessly occur. Attending these seminars will enable a much deeper engagement with other workshops and nature immersion events I offer.

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Where are we? How did we get here? And what do we do now?

I enjoy public speaking and sharing the information and knowledge I have gained through exploration and experience (see The Nature Code for more info).

Seminars are a wonderful opportunity to explore our ancestral and current collective journey. A journey which appears to be culminating in a social and environmental precipice of substantial magnitude. How did we end up with such a traumatised and destructive global culture that threatens our very existence, along with that of many other life forms and the health of the planet? Is this an aberration or part of our evolutionary journey of consciousness? What can we learn from this and in what way does it inform us about future action? Does our present circumstances allow for transformational outcomes and an expanded world view that includes sustainability and increasing peacefulness.

Every journey has a beginning and that starts from where we are in the moment we make the decision to undertake it. We are all born into an age where the rational conscious mind and classical science has reigned supreme. Whether we like it or not our minds, consciousness, and view of reality are highly conditioned by many generations of mechanistic, manipulative, and exploitative thought: A world view that has a central thesis of ‘command and control’ with intellect and the creative ability of humankind superior to all else.

The extreme constraints and disconnect of this mindset must be released so the new paradigms of understanding and consciousness can be understood. This involves consideration of the planet and universe as being conscious and our interactive interrelationships with them and each other. The language of Mother Earth and nature is a felt energetic language involving deeper consciousness rather than an intellectual spoken language. Connection is via heart consciousness and we must show up the right way with aligned intent and attitude.  In showing up the right way powerful knowledge, wisdom, and consciousness becomes available that activates our individual and collective transformation for sustainability. We do not need to engineer this and it is not complicated. Our bodies come from the earth and the transformational blueprint is within us.

The self organising and transformational processes within Mother Earth and us, once understood and experienced, provide potential for therapy, organisations, business, social change, and governance. Exploration of process and culture reveals many indigenous cultures and ancient wisdom traditions have carried this knowledge across the ages, including periods of oppression and persecution, and are now making transformational wisdom available to us. It is my understanding the solutions for a sustainable and peaceful future will emerge from the integration of new knowledge with the ancient wisdom held by the indigenous peoples of the world.

In these seminars my aim is to walk fellow travellers out of the mechanistic and classical psychological landscape we currently inhabit so we can expand our view of the emerging conceptual territories that lie beyond, and begin our own process of re-connection and transformational activation for a sustainable future. Check ‘Upcoming Events‘ at the bottom of the home page if you are interested in learning more.