Transformational Circle Training

By January 27, 2017The Work That I Do

I provide training for those who wish to utilise self organising and transformational processes in their work with others or integrate them with their existing projects. The focus is on the natural simplicity of the processes and participants are encouraged to build on this according to where they want to take them. Those who attend this training will be able to participate in an ongoing group for peer support, additional learning, and a network of people engaged in transformational work.  These processes are essentially creative and many wonderful projects emerge for participants. Areas of utilisation include therapeutic, healing, spiritual growth, wisdom generation and access, organisations, community, social change, business etc.

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I provide transformational process training so people can experience and learn about the simplicity of self-organising systems with transformational potential and how to work with them in groups and individually. In fact it is the simplicity and the ease of working with these processes that is the key to their success and uptake by others. This is a new paradigm for change and encompasses an inclusive world view.

It is important those engaged in personal and social change understand how powerful transformational processes are, and how to collaborate with them and each other. With this comes the knowledge that the processes themselves are flexible and adaptable and will respond to the needs of the people involved for the most appropriate outcome. This equips participants to work towards transformational outcomes across wide ranging settings.

In providing an ongoing group for people who have completed the training and are working with transformational processes, I use transformational processes themselves so facilitators of change can form a powerful energetic supportive learning community and continue to develop their work in their own way.

I believe that knowledge and familiarisation with these simple processes is essential for finding the solutions we need. I am keen to join with others on this common journey of healing and transformation – regardless of race or socio-economic status – to find solutions for the future.

Following is some information about why I believe joining together and collaborating for this work is so important.

Divided and isolated: The central thesis of classical science is command and control. Underpinning this are false assumptions about causality and a mechanistic view of the world. The promise of predictability and control has been taken up by those who seek power and/or assume they know what is best for others. This attitude toward power is so pervasive it has permeated our political, business, organisational, religious, and social structures. We only need to take a look around us to know how damaging this is for the planet and its inhabitants.

Generation of solutions needed: The new sciences show the mechanistic and classical scientific view of the world to be incomplete and inadequate. It is increasingly recognised that the problems created by this mindset cannot be solved by the same type of thinking. It is also recognised that we must step out of this restrictive way of thinking into an inclusive process worldview to find the solutions we need. This comes from safe interactive sharing of experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

Learning together and from each other: Over the past 20 years or so a great deal of work and development has been undertaken by pioneers in the field of self-organising systems. We now see these processes being used successfully in restorative justice, cultural healing and reclaiming of identity for indigenous people, social change movements, organisations, business, and governance. If you search Google for ‘self-organising business models’ or ‘self-organising organisational models’ you will see how much work is being done. There are now emerging models based that are being marketed and promoted: see Holacracy for an example.

Ongoing evolution of understanding: Whilst these organisations and models have significant value and are worth learning about, I do not believe them to be effective solution within them self. That is, structure and ways of doing things that emerge from use of self-organising systems in a particular situation or context will not necessarily work well in another. This has been proven time and time again throughout history.

Empowerment to act: If you want to experience and learn about the simplicity of these processes, the powerful inclusive worldview that emerges, and step into your role as a co-creator this training is for you. Subscribe to my newsletter for notification of training events, or check upcoming events below.