The Nature Code: New knowledge Ancient wisdom.

By March 1, 2016The Work That I Do

The Nature Code brings together my professional and personal investigations over many years from several fields. Fundamentally, I identify transformational processes within nature that are also within us. Attending to these processes allows for deep connection with Mother Earth and personal/spiritual healing and transformation. It is the philosophical basis for all my work you will see below, and I am currently writing a book to summarise this information.

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The basis of my philosophy, work, book, and website.

‘The Nature Code: New Knowledge Ancient Wisdom’ – Explores transformational processes that drive our evolutionary and creative journey. The natural world as we know it has emerged from these processes, including the bodies we inhabit as spiritual beings for our sensory and creative exploration of it.

In viewing our evolutionary journey of consciousness via ‘The Nature Code’ it becomes clear we are rapidly approaching incredible individual and collective transformational opportunity that allows for a sustainable and peaceful future. To realise this outcome three fundamental things must be considered:

  1. The consequence of a classical science world view: Our spiritual/energetic disconnection from Mother Earth and our nature family has resulted in trauma and destruction for nature and ourselves. The exploration of our creative ability and power within our own right, without adequately referencing the ground of consciousness all has emerged from, has been and remains a significant cause. Driven by the dominant world view of classical science, which is considered the pinnacle of achievement in this disconnected exploration, we now find ourselves trundling toward a cliff edge. Global and local systems are becoming increasingly unstable with an increasingly uncertain and fearful future for many. We cannot continue on our current path! Nor can we return to the way things used to be.
  2. The need to look beyond the classical world view for solution: The type of thinking and mechanistic world view that has brought us to the edge of an environmental and social precipice cannot provide the solutions. Einstein recognised this when he said “we can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them“.  We must embrace a consciousness inclusive and expansive world view for solution recognition, and to realise transformational outcomes for self and society.
  3. Re-connection with Mother Earth and Nature is essential: In releasing the constraints of the limited classical world view we must reconnect with the ground of consciousness all has emerged from, understand the creative and transformational processes at work, learn to collaborate with them, and step into our roles as co-creators with Mother Earth and each other for a sustainable and peaceful future. This does not mean abandoning acquired knowledge. We bring our learning with us for integration with a rapidly emerging new paradigm and transformational world view: ‘New knowledge Ancient wisdom’.

‘The Nature Code: New knowledge Ancient Wisdom’  has been generated by a lifetime of exploration and informs all of my work. I have drawn on and integrated my experience with agricultural systems, business, extended periods of immersion in nature, investigation of spiritual and wisdom traditions, indigenous cultures, psychology and philosophy including working with trauma and abuse recovery for twenty + years, and investigation/study of the new process and system sciences over the past 25 years.River

In researching The Nature Code I have travelled widely, attended and presented at conferences, attended numerous related courses and training events internationally, accessed elders within indigenous cultures and the new sciences where possible, and read way to many books. These pursuits created opportunity for me to develop networks, meet like minded people, and run nature immersion events, seminars, and workshops in Australia and the USA.

After several years of people saying “will you write a book” I have commenced this process. Like everything I do I see it as an opportunity to learn more about self-organising and transformational processes. This means being inclusive and using the process, I am discussing in the writing of ‘The Nature Code: New knowledge Ancient wisdom’. I am in the process of building a website to facilitate participation, including a forum for discussion. My hope is that this will provide others with the opportunity to learn and explore these remarkable processes with me. If you would like to check that out go to