NeurOptimal neurofeedback

By January 29, 2015The Work That I Do

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is the only  transformational technology I have found that works with optimizing self organizing and transformational processes within the Central Nervous System in a way that is consistent with its functioning. The sessions are non invasive, effortless and very peaceful. Outcomes are usually wide ranging and extensive, as anything based in information processing that can improve will, and remain resilient after the training is completed. This includes psychological healing, relationships, performance, and personal/spiritual growth.  We provide NeurOptimal neurofeedback sessions, in conjunction with Bronwyn Evans, for individuals and couples who want to experience the many benefits of NeurOptimal neurofeedback training.

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NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is remarkable technology. It is non-invasive and simply provides the brain with additional information about what it is doing as it is doing it. The central nervous system uses this information to find its way to optimal processing, including flexibility for adaptable responses, and resilience for ongoing benefits. It is very peaceful experience and there is no one making decisions about what your brain or life should look like. Nor is there any need to revisit old wounding’s or issues.

The outcomes for most people training on NeurOptimal are significant and wide ranging. This is to be expected when optimising the self-organising and transformational processes of our unconscious minds and body. I have been working with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback since 2004 including trauma and abuse recovery, and have had plenty of opportunity to evidence the effortless healing and transformation of life that regularly occurs.

People are able to easily and safely experience transformational processing within themselves, and how the healing/change/growth process unfolds.  Acceptance of these processes within us and confidence within them follows. We can then release the control of containment and allow process to do the work knowing we are safe and the outcomes will be good. As you can imagine this is very reassuring to know and gain evidence of.

Most remarkably, as processing efficiency improves we can handle more information and our awareness increases along with the smoothness of our learning, growth and development. This makes it ideal for people who wish to attend to their psychological healing and optimisation of process to assist in their spiritual re-connection, understanding of Mother Earth and nature, and the processing flexibility for transition to an inclusive world view. I have found it very useful for people to train on NeurOptimal prior to nature immersion events for example. It enables them to get a great deal more out of these experiences as their processing will quickly align with that of Mother Earth and Nature.

To this end we offer NeurOptimal neurofeedback sessions from our office in Darlington, Perth, Western Australia. Bronwyn includes her knowledge of energy and consciousness, including extensive knowledge of gemstones, in this work. Bronwyn offers spiritual cleansing at the beginning of the session with a smudging/smoking ritual learnt from indigenous people. She then works with you to be clear about your intent in training on NeurOptimal and what you want to get out of it. Once this is established Bronwyn selects the appropriate gemstone that represents this quality to assist in the anchoring process. This gemstone is also cleansed and available exclusively to that person each time they have a session.

If you wish to discuss NeurOptimal training with Bronwyn please call 08 92508333 and leave a message. Bronwyn will call you back.