Nature Immersion

By February 1, 2016The Work That I Do

I accompany people into healthy wilderness and guide them through a process of deep spiritual connection for meaningful relationship and re-enchantment of life. Many benefits emerge including healing opportunity, access to information, release of wisdom, and discovery of the spiritual medicine of individual nature elements and landscape.  The aim is to respect, connect, process, and step into our roles of co-creators with Mother Earth, and each other, for a sustainable and peaceful future.

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Some years ago walking by myself in the mountains in the USA, I reached the summit of Mount San Bernardino. Whilst I had walked through snow to reach the top, the top itself was relatively free of snow, the sun was shining, there was no wind, and I was comfortable.  I laid on the ground for rest and to use my knowledge for connection with the mountain and Mother Earth. I soon drifted into a trance like state. Mountain spirit came to me and then introduced bear spirit and a large cat spirit. All three had spiritual medicine available that was most useful for an important international conference I was to present at in a few days time. I requested support and for them to be present. My presentation on self organising systems and nature connection went well with coherent information flowing freely. I was aware of the spirit presence for myself and attendees to assist the process of integrating new understanding.

When we have experiences like these in nature there is a choice we can make. We can see it as illusion and dismiss it completely. We can see it as our own consciousness creating metaphor representing dynamics within us that we can interpret accordingly. Or we can accept the presence of spirit within all things. Many years prior to this I made a decision to choose the latter with these experiences and have done so ever since.  The reason for this is that it re-enchants my life, fills it with meaningful relationship when in nature, and gives me access to important information, resources, and guidance.

The nature immersion events I hold are designed to assist people to step out of condition ways of thinking and make connections such as these with Mother Earth, landscape features, and our extended nature family. There is a simple process I follow:

Showing up in nature the right way: It is important to be clear on spiritual and life intent and to make sure this aligns with Mother Earth. It is also important to recognise our bodies come from Mother Earth and we inhabit them as spiritual beings for a sensory and creative learning experience via interacting with the natural world and each other. In this recognition comes a gratitude and wonderment for the opportunity that have been made available to us.

Heart Centeredness: The language of nature is not an intellectual language but a felt language of consciousness, and the entry is via the gateway of the heart rather than the intellectual mind. I assist with releasing the conditioned mind and stepping into spiritual heart space for connection. With this connection comes an activation of purification, healing, and transformational processes.

Clarity of Intent: The next overlapping stage of exploration in nature immersion is to realise and bring forward clear spiritual and personal intent that is aligned with Mother Earth, and request the appropriate release of knowledge, consciousness, and resources for fulfilment. In showing up in nature the right way and following simple but important processes a great deal is revealed and access to immense wisdom and resources becomes available.

Connection and Immersion: In introducing people to these experiences I draw on my own nature immersion experiences, the knowledge revealed to me during these experiences, the teaching I have received from indigenous and non-indigenous elders, my experience as a transformational ecopsychologist, and the new process sciences that are rapidly expanding our worldview to validate and include conscious interconnection with all things. This is a simple process of allowing via easy process strategies rather than something we need to engineer to make happen.

Integration of understanding: With an experiential journey such as this it is important to integrate the understandings and insights so they remain active within our consciousness and perpetuate ongoing transformational development. Simple process strategies facilitate this at the deepest levels.

My motivation in doing this work is simple. If we are to have a sustainable and peaceful future we must reconnect with the ground of consciousness that our bodies and intellectual mind have emerged from. Then we are able to explore and understand the powerful creative processes at work and learn to collaborate with them. In so doing we can step into our roles as co-creators with Mother Earth and each other.