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By January 30, 2017The Work That I Do

I support people who prefer individual learning and transformational work. Clients include those who wish to gain transformation outcomes from psychological or spiritual healing, and those who desire mentoring or coaching in their wider transformational work. I have maintained my psychological registration and Medicare or private health rebates may be available for Australian residents when psychological healing is being addressed.

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I enjoy working with people who have a spiritual world view. Over my years as a ecopsychologist simple principles have become apparent. For example:

  • The qualities we need to resolve our particular psychological difficulty are nearly always the qualities that we need to pursue our goals and direction in life. It is as if we are being presented with the learning opportunities we need for our growth and development to fulfil our purpose. If we do not learn from these experiences they usually are repeated and intensified until we do. With this additional learning we can then move on to new experiences in our life that contribute to our learning and accomplishment.
  • At a fundamental level how well we do in the world is determined by how well we process and integrate life experience. After all, this is what drives our learning, growth, and development.

My therapeutic approach is to attend to the processes within the individual to optimize their learning experience and to enhance outcomes that are important to them. By including the spiritual in this work you gain access to tremendous resources and consciousness that informs process.  I like to keep the therapeutic process simple as I do in all of my work. Rarely is it complicated, and rarely is there a need to rehash or re-experience the trauma of the past.

I often describe this in the following way. “As a spiritual being we are embodied in a human condition for a sensory and creative experience of the world. The human condition comes with a genetic, cultural, and social inheritance that we must deal with during our life journey. In addition to this the human condition is incredibly absorbing. Most people who are experiencing difficulty are absorbed into things such as depression, anxiety, ego/personality, thoughts, fantasy, food, drugs, alcohol, powerful emotions, money, power, and the list goes on. The more absorbed people become the less awareness they have of spiritual energy and resources, and the more their worldview/awareness becomes restricted. The way out of this is simply to release our grasp, or engagement, with these dynamics and to again look towards what is positive and the spiritual. Once we do this we begin to unhook and the spiritual begins to reveal itself. As the new awareness develops we become better equipped at life and how to function in the world” In essence this is the therapeutic journey. To understand the processes at work and learning simple skills enables an efficiency in the unhooking and learning process that is not otherwise available.

If you wish to talk to me about individual therapeutic work, or mentoring/coaching in your life work contact me via this website or call my office on 08 92508333.