Australian Indigenous Cultural and Spiritual Exchange

By January 28, 2017The Work That I Do

The integration of Indigenous Wisdom with systems information coming from new sciences shows a way forward for a sustainable and just future. I have been fortunate enough to travel widely throughout the world and have had many learning and exchange opportunities with indigenous people. The Aboriginal people of Australia are unique in that they are the longest continuous culture with the longest continuous story tradition on the planet. Over one hundred thousand years of continuous occupation is plenty of time to work it out. I collaborate actively with my First Nations brothers and sisters in cultural and spiritual exchange programs.

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Like all indigenous populations throughout the world however, the trauma of colonisation flows downstream to the present day and has been profoundly disruptive. There is recognition among Aboriginal people that the healing and reclaiming of cultural integrity must come first; and from within culture. Western psychology has largely failed them and is seen by many as another form of Colonisation in that they are required to accept a Western World view to benefit from it.

I have been fortunate to develop strong friendships with Aboriginal people of the Nyoongar Nation in Western Australia. This has initiated an ongoing conversation that has evolved over time to reveal shared values, common understanding, deep connection and common purpose. As a consequence I have accepted invitations to be involved in culturally initiated projects to address the profound need for healing and restoration of cultural integrity that must come first. Then programs will be provided to share wisdom with and for culturally appropriate education of non-aboriginal people.

At this stage my involvement is to make my knowledge of trauma and abuse recovery available in a systems context so that it is culturally appropriate and can be integrated by my Aboriginal colleagues into the healing programs they are developing. Together we will be running these programs and training Aboriginal people to run them. If you are interested go to and explore a cultural project initiated by Dennis Simmonds. If you want to stay in touch with how this work progresses vian my involvement it is best you go to and subscribe to the newsletter. Via this you will receive updates and be advised of cultural programs for non-aboriginals. These will include local events and ‘On Country’ excursions.