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Transformational Systems Training

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Transformational Systems Training (TST) provides a pathway to an emerging world view that is recognised across scientific disciplines, wisdom traditions, differing cultures and various faiths as essential for a sustainable and just future. You leave this training equipped to utilise transformatioanl systems and processes in groups or simply within your own life.

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In the 3 day training safety is established, equality reinstated and meaningful relationships developed for the emergence of powerful understanding and transformation outcomes. An interconnected world supported by living systems becomes visible and authentic self is revealed. It is recognised we all carry wisdom and by coming together in the right way solutions for a better future are clear.

This programme has been developed over many years. Characteristic of living systems upon which it is based it is constantly evolving with the input of participants. No two TST events are the same as the systems utilised respond to the participants within the training.

TST can be utilised post training for healing, personal/spiritual evolution, social change, community, agriculture, service delivery, organisations, business and much more. Graduates are invited to participate in an ongoing self-organising community for peer support, sharing of applied experience, mentoring, access to resources and additional learning opportunities.

A lifetime of study and experiential learning has been integrated for the development of the TST programme. Influences include the science of self-organising systems, wisdom traditions, indigenous wisdom that is common in various parts of the world, long periods of  nature immersion, extensive travel and participation in conferences and exploratory workshops, and my work as a psychologist

Topics covered in the three day TST include:

  • Self organising and transformational processes and how to work with them
  • Boundary as container for process
  • Safe and mindful relationship of participants
  • Feedback at a group and individual level for self organisation
  • How to bring forward essential values to energise transformational process
  • Mindfulness in facilitation
  • The importance of balance in the process
  • Transformational Circle process protocol
  • Types of circle for differing purpose and application
  • The various elements of Transformational Circle that contribute to participation
  • Natural healing and wisdom release

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The Nature Code: New knowledge Ancient wisdom.

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If we are to have a sustainable future we must find a new way. The processes the ancients knew, the indigenous peoples of the world still know and modern science is now exploring in detail demonstrate how this can be. By integrating ancient wisdom with new information, a new story for humanity is now emerging. It is story of wisdom about our troubled times, how this has come to be, what we can do for a new way and calls us powerfully to wake up and act. The Nature Code is a project that contributes to transformational change via providing information, seminars, training and more. You will find it at

Transformational Workshops

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Workshops are experiential learning and follow on from the talks and seminars and generate deeper understanding of transformational processes. By the use of these processes in a group setting participants are able to experience the power of transformation dynamics, and free transformational process within themselves for ongoing healing and personal/spiritual growth. The simplicity and effortlessness of transformation is revealed and powerful dynamics are available for healing and substantial shifts in awareness. When held in nature these processes are empowered by connection with the living systems of nature. These workshops are noninvasive, safe, and participants can progress at their own pace. For more information Subscribe to the newsletter to be advised of upcoming events.

NeurOptimal neurofeedback

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NeurOptimal Neurofeedback  is safe technology that works with optimizing self organizing and transformational processes within the Central Nervous System in a way that is consistent with their functioning. It is wonderful for people who wish to prepare for healing and transformational work.  The sessions are non invasive, effortless and very peaceful. Outcomes are usually wide ranging and extensive, as anything based in information processing that can improve will, and remain resilient after the training is completed. This includes psychological healing, relationships, performance, and personal/spiritual growth.  We provide NeurOptimal neurofeedback sessions, in conjunction with Bronwyn Evans, for individuals and couples who want to experience the many benefits of NeurOptimal neurofeedback training. for more information contact or telephone on 0407988269