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Transformational Circle Training

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I provide training for those who wish to utilise self organising and transformational processes in their work with others or integrate them with their existing projects. The focus is on the natural simplicity of the processes and participants are encouraged to build on this according to where they want to take them. Those who attend this training will be able to participate in an ongoing group for peer support, additional learning, and a network of people engaged in transformational work.  These processes are essentially creative and many wonderful projects emerge for participants. Areas of utilisation include therapeutic, healing, spiritual growth, wisdom generation and access, organisations, community, social change, business etc.

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I provide transformational process training so people can experience and learn about the simplicity of self-organising systems with transformational potential and how to work with them in groups and individually. In fact it is the simplicity and the ease of working with these processes that is the key to their success and uptake by others. This is a new paradigm for change and encompasses an inclusive world view.

It is important those engaged in personal and social change understand how powerful transformational processes are, and how to collaborate with them and each other. With this comes the knowledge that the processes themselves are flexible and adaptable and will respond to the needs of the people involved for the most appropriate outcome. This equips participants to work towards transformational outcomes across wide ranging settings.

In providing an ongoing group for people who have completed the training and are working with transformational processes, I use transformational processes themselves so facilitators of change can form a powerful energetic supportive learning community and continue to develop their work in their own way.

I believe that knowledge and familiarisation with these simple processes is essential for finding the solutions we need. I am keen to join with others on this common journey of healing and transformation – regardless of race or socio-economic status – to find solutions for the future.

Following is some information about why I believe joining together and collaborating for this work is so important.

Divided and isolated: The central thesis of classical science is command and control. Underpinning this are false assumptions about causality and a mechanistic view of the world. The promise of predictability and control has been taken up by those who seek power and/or assume they know what is best for others. This attitude toward power is so pervasive it has permeated our political, business, organisational, religious, and social structures. We only need to take a look around us to know how damaging this is for the planet and its inhabitants.

Generation of solutions needed: The new sciences show the mechanistic and classical scientific view of the world to be incomplete and inadequate. It is increasingly recognised that the problems created by this mindset cannot be solved by the same type of thinking. It is also recognised that we must step out of this restrictive way of thinking into an inclusive process worldview to find the solutions we need. This comes from safe interactive sharing of experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

Learning together and from each other: Over the past 20 years or so a great deal of work and development has been undertaken by pioneers in the field of self-organising systems. We now see these processes being used successfully in restorative justice, cultural healing and reclaiming of identity for indigenous people, social change movements, organisations, business, and governance. If you search Google for ‘self-organising business models’ or ‘self-organising organisational models’ you will see how much work is being done. There are now emerging models based that are being marketed and promoted: see Holacracy for an example.

Ongoing evolution of understanding: Whilst these organisations and models have significant value and are worth learning about, I do not believe them to be effective solution within them self. That is, structure and ways of doing things that emerge from use of self-organising systems in a particular situation or context will not necessarily work well in another. This has been proven time and time again throughout history.

Empowerment to act: If you want to experience and learn about the simplicity of these processes, the powerful inclusive worldview that emerges, and step into your role as a co-creator this training is for you. Subscribe to my newsletter for notification of training events, or check upcoming events below.

The Nature Code: New knowledge Ancient wisdom.

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The Nature Code brings together my professional and personal investigations over many years from several fields. Fundamentally, I identify transformational processes within nature that are also within us. Attending to these processes allows for deep connection with Mother Earth and personal/spiritual healing and transformation. It is the philosophical basis for all my work you will see below, and I am currently writing a book to summarise this information.

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The basis of my philosophy, work, book, and website.

‘The Nature Code: New Knowledge Ancient Wisdom’ – Explores transformational processes that drive our evolutionary and creative journey. The natural world as we know it has emerged from these processes, including the bodies we inhabit as spiritual beings for our sensory and creative exploration of it.

In viewing our evolutionary journey of consciousness via ‘The Nature Code’ it becomes clear we are rapidly approaching incredible individual and collective transformational opportunity that allows for a sustainable and peaceful future. To realise this outcome three fundamental things must be considered:

  1. The consequence of a classical science world view: Our spiritual/energetic disconnection from Mother Earth and our nature family has resulted in trauma and destruction for nature and ourselves. The exploration of our creative ability and power within our own right, without adequately referencing the ground of consciousness all has emerged from, has been and remains a significant cause. Driven by the dominant world view of classical science, which is considered the pinnacle of achievement in this disconnected exploration, we now find ourselves trundling toward a cliff edge. Global and local systems are becoming increasingly unstable with an increasingly uncertain and fearful future for many. We cannot continue on our current path! Nor can we return to the way things used to be.
  2. The need to look beyond the classical world view for solution: The type of thinking and mechanistic world view that has brought us to the edge of an environmental and social precipice cannot provide the solutions. Einstein recognised this when he said “we can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them“.  We must embrace a consciousness inclusive and expansive world view for solution recognition, and to realise transformational outcomes for self and society.
  3. Re-connection with Mother Earth and Nature is essential: In releasing the constraints of the limited classical world view we must reconnect with the ground of consciousness all has emerged from, understand the creative and transformational processes at work, learn to collaborate with them, and step into our roles as co-creators with Mother Earth and each other for a sustainable and peaceful future. This does not mean abandoning acquired knowledge. We bring our learning with us for integration with a rapidly emerging new paradigm and transformational world view: ‘New knowledge Ancient wisdom’.

‘The Nature Code: New knowledge Ancient Wisdom’  has been generated by a lifetime of exploration and informs all of my work. I have drawn on and integrated my experience with agricultural systems, business, extended periods of immersion in nature, investigation of spiritual and wisdom traditions, indigenous cultures, psychology and philosophy including working with trauma and abuse recovery for twenty + years, and investigation/study of the new process and system sciences over the past 25 years.River

In researching The Nature Code I have travelled widely, attended and presented at conferences, attended numerous related courses and training events internationally, accessed elders within indigenous cultures and the new sciences where possible, and read way to many books. These pursuits created opportunity for me to develop networks, meet like minded people, and run nature immersion events, seminars, and workshops in Australia and the USA.

After several years of people saying “will you write a book” I have commenced this process. Like everything I do I see it as an opportunity to learn more about self-organising and transformational processes. This means being inclusive and using the process, I am discussing in the writing of ‘The Nature Code: New knowledge Ancient wisdom’. I am in the process of building a website to facilitate participation, including a forum for discussion. My hope is that this will provide others with the opportunity to learn and explore these remarkable processes with me. If you would like to check that out go to

Transformational Workshops

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Workshops are a great way to experience and deepen understanding of transformational processes. By the use of these processes in a group setting participants are able to experience the power of transformation dynamics, and free transformational process within themselves for ongoing healing and personal/spiritual growth. The simplicity and effortlessness of transformation is revealed and powerful dynamics are available for healing and substantial shifts in awareness. These groups are noninvasive, safe, and participants can progress at their own pace.

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In running transformational workshops I integrate my knowledge of transformational systems with circle process. I have completed advanced training in circle process with Kay Pranis whilst in the USA. Kay has considerable experience with circle process and you can read about that by clicking here along with more information about the history of circle, including its indigenous origins, and its applications. Among the many things that impressed me about Kay is her commitment to the simplicity of process, her trust in process to do the work, and her non-ownership of what she teaches.

In my training with Kay in the USA, I quickly identified that circle was working with self-organising systems. Whilst they were using circle in many ways ‘transformational’ circle was not one of them. I discussed this with Kay, and with her support I began to use circle, drawing on my knowledge and experience, for transformational outcomes. I have continued to develop this over time.

In the workshops, I attend to what is required for transformational self-organising processes to operate. This involves boundaries as a container for transformational process, appropriate and safe interactivity between participants, awareness of individual and group process for natural feedback and to inform participants and the group dynamic, alignment of intent for individuals and the group, and accessing the spiritual/consciousness qualities to energise the process.

The most interesting thing for me in working with transformational process in groups is that once the group dynamic and consciousness emerges it activates transformational process within the participants. Once this occurs it empowers the group dynamic for further facilitation of transformational process within the participants, and so on in a symbiotic relationship between the participants and the group dynamic.

Working with transformational process in this way means I am only attending to the process. I do not define outcomes or make value judgements about individuals and their transformational journey. This leaves participants free to explore process in a way that works for them, to determine their own rate of progress, and to recognise the presence of spirit within all things.

The most important outcome I see for participants is that they can take their knowledge of transformational process, and how to work with it, away from the workshop and continue to explore it in their personal life.

NeurOptimal neurofeedback

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NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is the only  transformational technology I have found that works with optimizing self organizing and transformational processes within the Central Nervous System in a way that is consistent with its functioning. The sessions are non invasive, effortless and very peaceful. Outcomes are usually wide ranging and extensive, as anything based in information processing that can improve will, and remain resilient after the training is completed. This includes psychological healing, relationships, performance, and personal/spiritual growth.  We provide NeurOptimal neurofeedback sessions, in conjunction with Bronwyn Evans, for individuals and couples who want to experience the many benefits of NeurOptimal neurofeedback training.

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To experience the many benefits of NeurOptimal Neurofeedback training click here for more information and contact details. 


NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is remarkable technology. It is non-invasive and simply provides the brain with additional information about what it is doing as it is doing it. The central nervous system uses this information to find its way to optimal processing, including flexibility for adaptable responses, and resilience for ongoing benefits. It is very peaceful experience and there is no one making decisions about what your brain or life should look like. Nor is there any need to revisit old wounding’s or issues.

The outcomes for most people training on NeurOptimal are significant and wide ranging. This is to be expected when optimising the self-organising and transformational processes of our unconscious minds and body. I have been working with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback since 2004 including trauma and abuse recovery, and have had plenty of opportunity to evidence the effortless healing and transformation of life that regularly occurs.

People are able to easily and safely experience transformational processing within themselves, and how the healing/change/growth process unfolds.  Acceptance of these processes within us and confidence within them follows. We can then release the control of containment and allow process to do the work knowing we are safe and the outcomes will be good. As you can imagine this is very reassuring to know and gain evidence of.

Most remarkably, as processing efficiency improves we can handle more information and our awareness increases along with the smoothness of our learning, growth and development. This makes it ideal for people who wish to attend to their psychological healing and optimisation of process to assist in their spiritual re-connection, understanding of Mother Earth and nature, and the processing flexibility for transition to an inclusive world view. I have found it very useful for people to train on NeurOptimal prior to nature immersion events for example. It enables them to get a great deal more out of these experiences as their processing will quickly align with that of Mother Earth and Nature.

To this end we offer NeurOptimal neurofeedback sessions from our office in Darlington, Perth, Western Australia. Bronwyn includes her knowledge of energy and consciousness, including extensive knowledge of gemstones, in this work. Bronwyn offers spiritual cleansing at the beginning of the session with a smudging/smoking ritual learnt from indigenous people. She then works with you to be clear about your intent in training on NeurOptimal and what you want to get out of it. Once this is established Bronwyn selects the appropriate gemstone that represents this quality to assist in the anchoring process. This gemstone is also cleansed and available exclusively to that person each time they have a session.

If you wish to discuss NeurOptimal training with Bronwyn please call 08 92508333 and leave a message. Bronwyn will call you back.