Born in 1954, I am 60+ years old and live in the Perth Hills in the South-West of Western Australia. I have lived a varied life with great learning opportunities. Some of these I have enjoyed, others have been difficult, but great learning nonetheless. Above all else I have come to know Mother Earth, process, and the value of simplicity.
My Motivation is to assist in healing of nature and people as we are inextricably linked, and contribute to transformational outcomes needed for a sustainable future.
My view is that we are spiritual beings who have been given the opportunity to inhabit the human condition for a sensory and creative experience of Planet Earth. I feel fortunate in this experience and the opportunities for growth and learning.
I like simplicity and experiential learning
My passion is nature and I recognise that the body I inhabit, along with the rest of the natural world, has emerged from creative and transformational processes within Mother Earth. Because my body and the associated consciousness of the human condition come from Mother Earth I further recognise these processes are alive within me and the rest of creation.
My work is based on many years exploration of natural transformational processes that I have come to call The Nature Code. Essentially, it is about how to remove constraints, energise these processes, and work with them for transformational outcomes. Whether that is for individual, family, community, organisation, social/political change – the processes are the same.
honour the indigenous peoples of this world, some ancient wisdom traditions I am familiar with, and transformational pioneers. Many of whom have been the carriers of wisdom across the ages through persecution and oppression. That they are prepared to make this available when we so desperately need it, given recent history, is humbling.
I have a deep respect for fellow spiritual travellers on this journey of life, discovery, and creative learning.
I believe all things have consciousness
I take responsibility for my choices and maintain my right to choose what I want to experience in my learning journey.

My Work is Directed Toward.

  • Reconnection with Mother Earth, the consciousness that supports our physical existence;
  • Understanding the creative and transformational processes at work;
  • Learning how to live cooperatively with Mother Earth and each other;
  • Aligning intent with Mother Earth for natural activation of  healing, growth, wisdom access, and transformation potential – individually and collectively
  • Speaking our truth and supporting others to do the same;
  • Stepping into our roles as co-creators and facilitators of transformational outcomes for the benefit of self, society and planet earth.

My Work has Emerged From and Been Informed by

  • Over twenty years of investigation into and study of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Complex systems. These are essentially naturally occurring self-organising and creative processes with transformational potential.
  • Degrees in Psychology and Philosophy
  • Twenty years working with trauma and abuse recovery as a psychologist, and the opportunity this provided for exploring and understanding the human condition, and the powerful dynamics that emerge from our interactions.
  • Long periods spent immersed in nature throughout my life and connection with Mother Earth
  • Learning about Australian Indigenous culture and their world view. Indigenous Australians have a remarkable history and lived in relative isolation for well over 50,000 years until recent times. Plenty of time to work it out.
  • Study of other indigenous and ancient wisdom traditions.
  • Study of eastern spiritual traditions and practices.
  • Exploration of the co-operative movement and self organising business.
  • Accessing pioneers in the transformational movement and meeting with them.
  • Growing up on an isolated farm without television or telephone and having abundant time to explore nature without preconceptions.
  • Whilst the owner/manager of a farm service business in the 70’s and 80’s witnessing the shift from mixed farming to industrialised agriculture and the terrible destructive consequences for nature, farmers, rural community and the health of the population generally.
  • Buying a 240 acre dairy farm that had been degraded via these farming practices, getting rid of the stock, opening the fences up to the adjacent national park and watching what happened over a 6 year period.
  • Travelling in Australia, America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North Africa.
  • Attending numerous workshops, conferences, and training courses that I felt would contribute to my knowledge base and ability to assist in healing of the planet and humanity, and contribute to transformational outcomes needed for a sustainable future.