The immense problems and increasing chaos we face have their origins in humanities disconnection from Mother Earth and wisdom traditions. I am one of many, in a global network of people who are waking up and committed to reconnection for freedom and a better future. A reconnection that initiates a journey back to authenticity of self, and enables integration of learning with timeless wisdom for transformation of mind and the emergence of solution.

I don’t remember any specific moment of waking up and reconnection, but always I had a feeling that things were ‘not right’. Like many who carried this awareness I pushed against the imposed rules and fought for my freedom. Consequently, I developed a reputation as being disruptive that followed me beyond school to adulthood.
I was a fast learner though. Absorbing knowledge of how things could be different with an emerging vision for the future came easily. In other ways I was a very slow learner. It took me a long time to work out that standing up for my rights and pushing against the system for change were different things. Pushing against and fighting were damaging to self, and exhausting to the point of ineffectiveness. Worse, this behaviour actually strengthened that system and further enabled its exploitation of nature and humanity.

It was not until I reached exhaustion at age 30 that I realised I was demanding the established system to change and behave in a way that it was not capable of. Furthermore, I was buying in to the hierarchical beliefs inherent in this system that ‘it and those at the top’ had the power, and I needed to explain myself for acceptance and permission to act. I had failed to realise I was never going to get support and permission for change because the future I could see had no place for a system that benefited the few at the expense of all else. The most confronting realisation was that in many ways I was behaving much like the system I was rallying against.

Disillusioned, confused, exhausted I retreated from the business world to the tall timber country of the South West of Western Australia for recovery and reflection. I purchased 240 acres and immersed myself in nature where I found a peaceful energy I had not known before. With the quietening that came I could hear the language of the land and my extended nature family. This was a felt language that rose up into my awareness as a teaching and knowing how to proceed.

The ancient wisdom of the land initiated me into learning, interconnection, respect, eco spirituality, Mother Earth wisdom, my place in all of that, and the effortlessness of healing and transformation. The call from Mother Earth, and our nature brothers and sisters, for humanity to wake up and take responsibility as co-creators was loud and clear. I could not ignore such heartfelt voices and made a commitment to action in the year 1989.

Running on faith and trust I did not know what that commitment involved or where it would take me. I certainly did not anticipate I would be leaving my nature paradise and re-immersing myself in ‘ground zero’ of the system I had previously rallied against in Western Australia. The fast and furious energy of Perth driven by the resource boom in the North West was all about money and power. A place where all dimensions of the disconnected human condition were on display and powerful learning was available. Degrees in Philosophy and Psychology taught me much about perception of others and reality. The university culture demonstrated the forces of industrialisation were alive and well in academia. The discovery of systems science in the university library was a huge relief I could see they were describing the same processes as ancient wisdom traditions I was familiar with. Then working as a psychologist with trauma and abuse recovery for over 20 years until retirement in December 2021, taught me about the human condition and the incredible suffering perpetuated by hierarchical power-based systems.

Alongside this work I had many other learning opportunities via extensive travel. The opportunity to learn from indigenous cultures throughout the world who carry ancient wisdom crucial for a new way was profound. I discovered wisdom carriers in the western tradition who were doing powerful work that invited me to learn from them. Although perhaps and most important was discovering networks and meeting others who are part of the new tribe that are bringing transformational change to the world for a new way. I was no longer on my own and marginalised.

I have landed in 2020, some thirty years onward, with renewed commitment and stories to share from a journey of learning from Mother Earth, the spirit of transformation, and many fellow travellers. There are stories of our Western ancestral disconnection thousands of years ago that initiated a destructive evolution of mind driven by fear and trauma: A mind that needs more of everything to feel safe, and has brought us to the cliff edge of sustainable existence. There are other stories about the wisdom keepers who have carried deep knowledge through time and how to engage and learn from them. And, there are stories that demystify and simplify reconnection for transformation of mind and co-creation ability.

These stories initiate a dreaming of a sustainable and just future from which powerful creation stories emerge. It is in the sharing of our individual creation stories from authentic self from which co-creative ability is realised and together we bring forward a powerful collective creation story for the future. A sustainable and peaceful future of deep connection for ourselves, our children and those who come after.

I do my humble best to share the wisdom and learning that has been passed on to me via the activities you will read about on this website.

John Thompson
Western Australia
February 2020